Something Old... Something New - 2/23/8
In honor of sellmeyoursoul having recently turned ten, I put up a song written way back in 1999. It's a track called {Y2K} Compliant. Back in those days, that was something on everybody's minds. Heck, Y2K meant the end of the world and all that, or at least if even a single computer wasn't compliant. So basically it's a love song. Along with that I've added a mix of the long talked about Zombie Jesus. This is the Cloned Messiah mix, which may not be the final but I figured with a new baby and all, better give you all something close since my poor poor studio and I may not get a chance to be together for a while. I hope my cherry picking songs from the vault makes up for it. They're coming out as dirty as the day they were born, warts and all. Here's to another ten years in the soul market!

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