Angst - 4/13/9
I feel like I should be updating the site, but there really isn't much to say. I'm still recovering from the back surgery I had over two months ago. I haven't really done much on the music front. I've finished the outline for the eight issue arc for the comic book I'm writing. We're still trying to get back to LA, but at this point we've been three to six months away from a move for over a year now. The studio is buried under a pile of boxes that my wife needs to go to and clear out one way or another. We're trying to get rid of the storage unit to save a little money every month, but I can't really do anything because of my back. I don't think much if anything in the storage unit is mine anyway. I'm about at the point where I'd be happy packing up the studio, some clothes and just going. Of course, if we did that, we'd invariably put everything else in storage and it would sit there for the rest of my natural life. I'm thinking of posting more old music since I have so much of it, but I on the other hand, I kind of like being the current reflection of where I am creatively. If anybody wants to get another couple of hours worth of my music, it can be arranged. Hell, I've even got a couple of album covers and Nerve Damage even has a full insert. Some times it feels like I've taken a wrong turn somewhere. More accurately, I feel like I've been hit by a drunk driver. I had plans and goals and was working to get there and then life smacked into me. Pain really fucks with your head after a while. At first it was good creatively. Nothing like having something to write about, but it wears away at you. My blade has gotten dull and I seem to be lacking the steel to hone it at the moment. I hope you enjoyed my bitching. May all of your trauma be constructive.

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