'Ol Scratch - 4/3/12
This is just a quick Stockholm Syndrome update. Last night I was able to lay down the last of the scratch vocals for the unfinished songs. Now all that's left is a rough mix of everything before I can burn the demo version to disk and live with it for a bit. Storm (Balls, Bombast and Blood) still needs additional orchestration, but I'm thinking I'll scale it back a bit. Also, the demo version will help me decide where it's still a bit thin. I don't want to turn the whole thing to mush.

Other than that, life's been busy. I got promoted at work, so now I've got a lot more to do. I'm still chipping away at the last issue of 8 Pills, but I've begun plotting the novel, which will be my next writing project.

This weekend, I also wrote a song that will not be part of Stockholm Syndrome. It is the second post SS song I've composed. I'm really looking forward to finishing this project and moving on to the next, but I have to remind myself not to rush. It would be a shame if I spent all this time and then half assed it at the finish line.

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