sellmeyoursoul sprung forth from the womb late 1997, in the basement room of a slum in Brookline, Massachusetts. Having scraped together enough parts to build a PC, the key component of which was a used 8 bit sound card. One swiped copy of Soundforge later and I was in business. Everything came in with a nice electronic distortion as the card slowly died. It soon became apparent that the equipment was insufficient for the needs of SMYS so, within months of college graduation, a student loan was applied for and received. The corresponding tuition refund went right into the studio. Switching from the PC to a Mac, where sellmeyoursoul has remained since, I got the lowest end Pro-Tools setup and an Alesis keyboard. With the new setup, I began rerecording the the first true sellmeyoursoul songs. Just over a year later, two key events happened right on top of each other and they both had a big part in shaping what is sellmeyoursoul today. I began dating my wife and had my first back surgery. From then on, songs about women became songs about pain and the effects that it has on one's mind. That has been a running theme since. Over the last ten years, over fifty songs have been written and recorded along with even more abortions that for whatever reason, failed to make the cut before they were completed. In recent years sellmeyoursoul has been battling for my attention with my writing ambitions, wife, daughter, health and job. Output may have slowed a bit of late, but rest-assured, as long as I'm able to make sound go into a computer, sellmeyoursoul will be. Here's to another ten years of all the shit that's fit to spit!
Written 3/30/8 while on 10/750Mg of Percocet.
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