Sad Journey Zero - 9/8/9
I'm a bit wary about talking too much here about works in progress, but last night I started a piece entitled Sad Journey Zero that will hopefully tell an entire story without words. I'm working on giving different orchestral sections their own modes, themes and even names so that the elements can enter and leave the scenes as the story progresses. Much like patient zero for an infectious outbreak, Sad Journey Zero tells the tale of the first sorrow. Though I have a clear idea in my head of how this will go, I don't know how much I really want to reveal. I'm sure that the "characters" will be revealed one way or another but I think it's still a bit early for that. I'm still writing their themes. I did get the protagonist and antagonist done last night, although they both will probably be tweaked a bit. It's been a while since I've been so energized about a project. This is all part of an overall concept that is tentatively called Stockholm Syndrome. I've started another piece that is also part of SS, but it is on hold for the time being so that I can focus on SJZ.

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