Two Big Numbers - 11/6/10
I have two big numbers to report. 13 and 414. The first is how old sellmeyoursoul just became. That's right, this little project of mine is now a teenager. Oh the hell it shall put us all through! The second is the microphone I just purchased. An AKG C414 XL II for those of you who care about these things. Needless to say, this microphone is night and day compared to my old one. I've already laid down the vocal tracks for Don't Leave Marks with it and... wow! Now I'll have no excuse for sounding like crap. Work goes on for Stockholm Syndrome. At the moment, there are 8 tracks in some form of being written/recorded. Nothing ready for the world to hear, but hopefully soon I'll be able to put up a preview. I think I'm going to try and dig up more oldies to celebrate the birthday. SMYS get's older and you get gifts (or not... I'm unreliable like that).

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