The Storm Clouds Gather - 1/18/11
This was a long and productive weekend. I recorded the vocals for Storm and have started the final mix for the sneak preview of the song. I'm hoping to have that mixed, mastered and up on the site in the next few weeks. We'll see how that goes. After that, I'll need to rework the song to add the orchestra for the album version, which I think will end up being quite different. I then spent a fair amount of time yesterday re-learning the guitar part for the song Stockholm Syndrome. I was using a midi guitar for the lead since I just can't handle the 16th note runs on my actual guitar, but I don't like the sound, so I'm going to have to practice it until I get it. Seriously, who does 16th note based melodies at 107 beats per minute? Sometimes I really hate myself. It's possible that the tempo may be reduced a little, but since I've already recorded the vocals and whatnot, that would require a bunch of work and it may not sound right, so damn... I need to learn to play the guitar. I had hoped to get a friend to take the melody framework I'd written and have him go to town with it, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's available. Once again, SMYS is an all Mike production. Oh well, back to the pit from whence I came.

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