The Tip Jar - 2/22/11
Presenting the largest change to since the transition to php over eight years ago. If you click the music link now, you will be able to choose to pay for the music. It's still free if you're not into paying for stuff, but the option is there for those of you who feel I should get the occasional beer for the years of hard work I put into this site. To kick off the shopping extravaganza, I have some exciting things up there. First, is Storm (Rock Band Mix). This is a straight up rock 'n' roll version of one of the songs off of Stockholm Syndrome. For the full orchestral fury of the storm, you will have to wait for the album. I know what you're thinking, one new song isn't much of an extravaganza. Don't think I don't see you moving the mouse to the close window x. But wait, there's more! In addition, available for the first time on the web are 2007's EP Cripple and 2006's full length album Post Operative in their entirety. That's a total of 15 songs or over an hour of music, two thirds of which has never been available unless I personally handed you a copy. Some of it has never been available outside of my hard drive. Click the same old music link and find yourself in a whole new world. You can stream all of the songs from the site in their entirety and if you choose to download, you can do so in any number of formats including lossless ones. In the coming weeks and months, I will probably tweak the look and feel of the portion of and I will work to get the rest of the back catalog up there. My goal is to start 2012, not just with Stockholm Syndrome in my rear view, but with everything I've ever taken "to completion" up here for your consumption. That would be over four hours worth of sellmeyoursoul. For those of you with bookmarks, I'm not taking down the old page right away (it still has 5 older songs that aren't on bandcamp, so head over there and grab them if you haven't yet), but the new URL is Feel free to send me a quick e-mail, tweet or what have you and let me know what you think. Cheers! Mike

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