Time To Move On - 1/6/13
After three and a half years working on it, I am thrilled to announce that my latest album, Stockholm Syndrome, is done! It's a work that I am incredibly proud of. Though I think there's probably the odd rough spot here and there, it is by far my most polished work. While the music is fairly divergent stylistically, I think there's enough of what makes a sellmeyoursoul song a sellmeyoursoul song that it all holds together quite well. Thematically, this is the most complete group of songs I've ever released. It actually feels like an album and not just some songs that got recorded around the same time. For all that, I'm pretty excited.

That being said, it is most definitely time to move on. Stockholm Syndrome was an attempt to process the end of a ten year long relationship. I wanted to look back, not just at the end, where things were bad, but also at the beginning, when things seemed amazing. The first song is actually a completely new recording of the song I wrote the day after (or before… we couldn't ever quite agree) the first date. The next two are songs I wrote in the first few years but never recorded. Everything after that is all new, if "new" is an accurate descriptor for something written over three years ago. I have said all that I feel I need to say on the subject and am ready to go on to the next thing.

As I've mentioned before, the next thing is Ἀφροδίτη (that's Aphrodite in the greek). I've written about physical pain far more that I'd like to admit and now at length about a failed relationship. I would like to move full circle and try my hand at love songs. Of course, SMYS being SMYS, they're probably not going to be sappy tunes. My goal is to write love songs that express a genuine feeling while avoiding all the cliches. I've got two in the works. Who knows, that may be as far as it gets. Or maybe I'll have an hour of tunes where I say "ooh baby, baby," over and over again. It could happen (though I wouldn't hold your breath).

If you haven't already done so, please make with the clicking and go listen to Stockholm Syndrome. If you like it, buying it would be great for my ego, but even better would be giving the link to someone else you think may enjoy it. Or shoot me an e-mail/tweet/strip-o-gram and tell me what you think.



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